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 Stafford Basketball Association will be entering its 28th season (2019-20).  It is a league for boys (grades 2nd through 9th) and girls (grades 2nd through 10th).

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR 9TH & 10TH GRADERS: High School Basketball Players are ineligible to participate in recreation basketball. Therefore, 9th & 10th graders TRYING OUT for a high school basketball team SHOULD NOT REGISTER. Registration fees will not be refunded to high school players who register. 

Please address all questions & correspondence to our league email address:STAFFORDRECBASKETBALL@GMAIL.COM

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2019-20 SEASON

PRACTICES FOR DIVISIONS 3rd-10th GRADES:  Practices are held Mondays through Thursdays. Each team will get a 1 hour practice each week in a 6pm, 7pm or 8pm time slot.  All teams have 1 practice before Thanksgiving.  Teams practicing Wednesday or Thursday nights will begin practicing November 14th & 15th.  Teams practicing Monday or Tuesday nights will begin practicing November 19th & 20th. All teams will resume practicing after Thanksgiving.For more detail must check pro basketball troops website.

GAMES FOR DIVISIONS 3rd-10th GRADES: Games are 1 hour long.  Games begin Friday November 30th & Saturday, December 1st.  Please see below summary for the different division days, times and locations.  (NOTE: In the B3/4 will also be scheduled for Friday nights along with Saturday morning. (See summary below.)  There are 10 weeks of games, with the regular season ending Friday, 2/15/20 for the G3/4 Division and Saturday, 2/16/20 for the 2nd grade division and B3/4 division.  The 10th game for all other divisions will begin with the single loss elimination playoff round which will continue each week leading up to Championship Day, Saturday, TBA.

The following is a summary of the “STARTING TIMES” for the games in each division,  amount of teams in each division and the school gym where each division’s games are held; e.g., Girls 5th-6th grade division has 6 teams that play 3 games each Saturday at the Oxycocus School Gym. Games begin at 9am, 10am, and 11am:

NOTE: 2nd Grade Division (please see below under “2nd Grade Division”)

G3/4: (4 teams) 2 games: 7pm & 8pm (Friday nights @ Ocean Acres)

B3/4: (10 teams) 3 games: 9am-11am (Saturdays @ McKinley)

                                            2 games: 7pm & 8pm (Friday nights @ Ocean Acres)

G5/6: (8 teams) 4 games: 9am-Noon (Saturdays @ Oxycocus)

B5/6: (14 teams) 6 games: 9am-3pm (Saturdays @ Intermediate)

                              1 game:   2pm         (Saturdays @ Ocean Acres)

G7-10: (4 teams) 2 games: 1pm-2pm  (Saturdays @ Oxycocus)

B7-9: (8 teams) 4 games: 10am-1pm (Saturdays @ Ocean Acres)

PLAYOFFS:  Playoffs begin the 10th week for B5/6, G5/6, B7-9, and G7-10.  There are no playoffs for the 3/4 Division, which is a developmental division, only time is shown and no score on the scoreboard during games.

ALL STAR DAY:  Saturday, March 2nd @ Intermediate School

CHAMPIONSHIP DAY:  Saturday, March 9th @ Intermediate School

2nd GRADE DIVISION:  The 2nd grade division begins Saturday, December 2ND.  This division is different from all the others, as each team session is held only on Saturdays for 1 hour in the morning at the Ocean Acres School Gym.  The sessions begin at 8:30am.  There will be 4 teams this season.  There are 2 gyms being used each hour, and 2 teams sharing each gym.  Therefore, 2 team sessions will be held each hour if we have 4 teams.  The first few weeks are 1 hour practices, which can turn into a half hour practice/half hour scrimmage (if both head coaches sharing the gym are interested in doing so by week 2).  Games begin after the New Year, but no score is kept – only a clock.  A referee will be assigned to each game.  Team shirts are distributed for the first game after the New Year.  Season ends Saturday, February 16.

LEAGUE & DIVISION RULES:  Please click on “League Procedures” at the upper left hand side where you will find “League Rules” and also “Division Rules & Provisions.”

TRAVEL TEAM PROGRAM:  If you have any questions or are interested in coaching, please contact Joe DiPietro at

SPONSORSHIPS:  WE ARE ALWAYS IN NEED OF SPONSORS!  If you are interested in sponsoring a team and/or gym, please download a “Sponsor Form” from the “Handouts” section. Thank you…


We encourage our players and families to support the local businesses that help make this league possible.  Please visit our “Sponsor” page to see the full listing of team and gym sponsors for the season.  We thank them for their support!


Zero Tolerance: Help us put FUN back into youth sports.

Thank you!

Davide Hoop

President, Stafford Basketball Association